Boat Statistics

The Someday Lady IV

45′ LOA  (Ferro Cement) Heavy Displacement Cruiser
Beam:  13’6″   Draft: 6’6″
Year Built: 1974
Reg’d Tonnage: 22.09 T  – 62.51 Cu Mtrs.
Gross Tonnage: 23.84 T – 67.47 Cu Mtrs
Built By:  Mr. John Samson, Duncan, BC as a C-Breeze Ketch design (though never sail-rigged)

Single diesel Volvo Penta MD29, 6 cylinders 57 HP
Fresh-water cooled, Built 1975


2 Responses to Boat Statistics

  1. Jennsea says:

    Sweet! Our dream of C’est La Vie a 46 ft Carius ferro ketch have recently been downsized to a 38ft Carius clipper. I really admire whatnyou have done. I love ferro. Congratulatoins

    • madlav says:

      Thank you!!!! I didn’t know much about ferro before we got ourselves into it, and now i can’t imagine anything different — not the upkeep of wood, and such strength!! A real wreck when we got her, it was a LOT of work and vision, but mostly the skill and determination of my partner, and some modernization. I love her, and she’s a comfortable and spacious home to me! I hope you’re blogging your journey??? I’d love to read about it 😀

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