Happily Interior AFTERs!

We moved aboard June 1st this year, three and a half months after taking possession. The process of moving is a post all on it’s own, for another day. We wanted the interior as finished as possible so we weren’t living in a construction zone.  I was FINALLY in my element purchasing the pretty things for a space that actually belonged to us. This is, in fact, our first home! Damon’s steady and persistent progress on the Lady had captured everyone’s attention- so when the focus moved inside and the work wasn’t as visible, we had lots of company hoping for a tour.
At the community’s small store where I work,  I felt famous as folks I really didn’t know got wind of us and our lofty dreams, and would ask  about our progress.  There was no shortage of advice. The attention was flattering, but maybe a little overwhelming.  And dare I say unnerving:  We were on the cusp of moving our life and all the things most  important to us, down into this now public space.  I decided to let things calm, and us settle, into what we now call home, before broadcasting how lovely we believed the inside to be, especially since the exterior is still pretty raw.  Of course, we’re never finished, but here’s where we’re at, and the lovely space we call home:









About madlav

We're living our dream. Nestled in the Inside Passage of British Columbia's stunning Coastal region, we've just taken possession of a beautiful (to us) 45' ferro cement hulled sailboat. Ripped from her mooring during one of our strong storms and run aground, she encountered the only large rock on the beach. Today, she floats. With a temporary patch over the gouge, and tarps over her hatches, a broken rudder, missing wheelhouse, and stripped of pride, the Someday Lady is a battered boat. Optimists and visionaries, we believe that together we can restore the Someday Lady's original splendor, and make our home in her berth. Someday Lady, THIS is our journey!!
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One Response to Happily Interior AFTERs!

  1. Ryan says:

    She’s a fine Boat indeed! You guys are doing some awesome work, the interior is looking great.

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