Junk Raisers

Damon loves the Discovery Network. Along with Flying Wild Alaska, Deadliest Catch and An Idiot Abroad, he has just recently discovered “Junk Raiders 2”, which sparked an epiphany.  This whole boat thing?  We’re pretty much free-(or cheap-)cycling, including the boat itself.   As he considered all of the refuse building materials and some paint, which were donated by his boss; a wheelhouse we found when a customer in the store overheard me mention we needed one, (he had one in his yard); a skiff a friend was given that he didn’t need; a prized diesel stove with a large water coil that will allow us to more efficiently heat our boat, and hopefully water in the hot water tank, that was offered to us from a friend who appreciates all the work Damon has put in;  it literally goes on and on.  Now we joke about it, as we stand back and think how fortunate we are, to have such generous people in our lives (and not just with stuff, but with wisdom, services, and offers of help, as we figure this thing out).  Just when we start to stress about something, or how to power another, we get some feedback, and find something either online or through word of mouth on our Island.  True – boats cost money, but we’ve managed to put this project together on a very very tight budget.

Parlez-vous “good deal”? Indeed.  It’s my native tongue.  My mother had introduced  me to the Re-Store.  She would buy various tints and types of paints and mix them IN HER TRAY, to paint rooms in her house.  Pffft, artists.  A little too open to error for me, I love the Re-Store because I get really good quality stuff, for a really good price, and ALL of that money goes to Habitat for Humanity.  Today, Damon and I scored huge there.  I had already got a REALLY white, clean, soft blanket that will be re-purposed into cushion covers for the salon, as well as the cushions that will be cleaned and recovered.  Today we got two brushed nickel fixtures – replacing the ugly white/brass ones in our salon, three bundles of tongue&groove cedar and pine we’ll use to replace some existing panelling, a small egg skillet, and my favourite — two rad wood&canvas low-sitting, folding deck chairs.  Best $30 we spent.


About madlav

We're living our dream. Nestled in the Inside Passage of British Columbia's stunning Coastal region, we've just taken possession of a beautiful (to us) 45' ferro cement hulled sailboat. Ripped from her mooring during one of our strong storms and run aground, she encountered the only large rock on the beach. Today, she floats. With a temporary patch over the gouge, and tarps over her hatches, a broken rudder, missing wheelhouse, and stripped of pride, the Someday Lady is a battered boat. Optimists and visionaries, we believe that together we can restore the Someday Lady's original splendor, and make our home in her berth. Someday Lady, THIS is our journey!!
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3 Responses to Junk Raisers

  1. susy says:

    also http://www.rosemary-house.co.uk – what I’m doing now ..

    Hi I ran away to sea in 2006 and circumnavigated Newfoundland, crewing on Jack’s boat.

    You guys are simply fantastic! The what-ifs in my life never got to what you’re doing, though I did have a Nab 35 for a while. I know you’ll do it and have the most amazing time. Some boats will go on and on with love.

    Best wishes and hugs from the UK! xxx

  2. jomamma says:

    I’ve heard that Habitat is a great place to pick up things like saws and tile cutters at deep discounts.

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