A Tour Inside — Interior In Progress!!

FINALLY, a tour of our interior.  It IS still a “construction site”, so tools and grub everywhere.  You’ll see some of the updates already, I tried to post them in order of an actual tour so you can follow the placement of the pictures, and would love if you checked them all out!    I changed the format of the pictures from a small gallery to just posting them, as even Damon asked me verbally how to view them instead of following the directions I posted, so this should be much more viewer friendly.

The irony is that the “simplest” work, like painting, seems to have the greatest impact, while it completely masks the hours and days of work Damon has put in prepping surfaces above to ensure watertight seams, fixing some dings in the concrete along the gunwales and then creating a smooth surface, etc etc.   In the 3 days of sun we’ve had in the last 15, we did some topside surfacing, sealing and painting to clean up the appearance as well as make ‘er as watertight as we can – we only had two drips from where the wheelhouse joins the hull, not too shabby!

..Also all the cushions are at our house


About madlav

We're living our dream. Nestled in the Inside Passage of British Columbia's stunning Coastal region, we've just taken possession of a beautiful (to us) 45' ferro cement hulled sailboat. Ripped from her mooring during one of our strong storms and run aground, she encountered the only large rock on the beach. Today, she floats. With a temporary patch over the gouge, and tarps over her hatches, a broken rudder, missing wheelhouse, and stripped of pride, the Someday Lady is a battered boat. Optimists and visionaries, we believe that together we can restore the Someday Lady's original splendor, and make our home in her berth. Someday Lady, THIS is our journey!!
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3 Responses to A Tour Inside — Interior In Progress!!

  1. William B. Kelleher says:

    She sure doesn’t look like she sunk.

    She is looking good for sure. :))

    Bill Kelleher

  2. maggie says:

    Wow, i just happened onto your blog. Nice job with all the wood. This sure looks like a huge boat!

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