In the beginning, there was a dream

Damon has his own ideas of when he thinks he got his hooks into me, but truth be told, it was his casual mention that he would love to live on a sailboat out here, when I knew I was in trouble.

My friends have always entertained my unconventional musings. A favourite being my desire to live a life of “freedom” on a sailboat in some remote sea passages of the Canadian West Coast. This didn’t seem to compute in my favour as a 28yr old single female. Hence, meeting another outdoor enthusiast with a handy streak and possessing the same desire struck me as … trouble! Having a small prior stint in living aboard a sailboat, I was fully aware that it’s not as romantic as it sounds, nor does it allow for much more storage than a suitcase of clothing. I was skeptical my well-dressed, large-dog-owning loved one understood the gravity of this.

Through nearly two years of being together, scraping together a living in fields of work we’re both passionate about, he has tediously logged hundreds and hundreds of hours combing the internet for JUST the right boat…. much to my dismay (we were not in any financial position to be considering what we would need).

And then we found it. A labour of love. At just the right time, and just the right price.

The Someday Lady IV has housed and watched the children of two families grow, within her 5 decades of existence. A 45′ Samson ferro-cement boat, she is large enough for a home, with some extra room for storage. Immune to UV damage, fire, and wood-mowing insects, she offers longevity and strength. Her weight is no more than that of a boat in a different medium but of similar strength. Moored out on her own, a stormy encounter with land punctured her hull, and damaged the joint at the rudder. Patched and pulled off the beach, she still floats, but needs some basic attention to uncover her original look.

Damon has prepped and done the research, and in a few days, she’ll be tugged around the island and hauled up onto dry-dock, where the real work begins. Though we encountered some skepticism, we’ve gotten nothing but support and offers of assistance as we’ve shown our commitment to this project. Off season rates, we’ve budgeted for a week of time on land, and plan to complete the following tasks:
> Power-wash!!
> Remove patch and properly re-cement puncture
> Scrape and paint hull, scrape and paint bottom
> Fab & fix rudder attachment and reattach

Eager to see her outta the water, and cleaned up!


About madlav

We're living our dream. Nestled in the Inside Passage of British Columbia's stunning Coastal region, we've just taken possession of a beautiful (to us) 45' ferro cement hulled sailboat. Ripped from her mooring during one of our strong storms and run aground, she encountered the only large rock on the beach. Today, she floats. With a temporary patch over the gouge, and tarps over her hatches, a broken rudder, missing wheelhouse, and stripped of pride, the Someday Lady is a battered boat. Optimists and visionaries, we believe that together we can restore the Someday Lady's original splendor, and make our home in her berth. Someday Lady, THIS is our journey!!
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2 Responses to In the beginning, there was a dream

  1. Congratulations on living your dream… sadly, not enough people do.

    It looks like it will be an enormous amount of work, but persistence will result in a fabulous achievement. Good luck!

  2. Debra Dick says:

    our stories are rather similar! We didn’t have to deal with such extreme repairs, but can certainly understand how hard you worked! We’re going on 5 years and love every minute!

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